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We Specialize In:

  • Residential air duct cleaning
  • Commercial air duct cleaning
  • Air cleaning & odor removal services
  • Dryer vent duct cleaning for fire prevention
  • Smoke & odor control
  • Fast, friendly & professional service
  • Mold inspection, testing & mold removal
  • 100% guaranteed professionalism and workmanship

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Los Angeles Air Duct Cleaning is often called in by homeowners when there are allergy or dust problems. We make sure your home's vents are cleaned completely and thoroughly, and we never leave a mess.

There are many reasons home owners need the air duct system cleaned, including:

  • Restore home after fire damage
  • Lower energy costs
  • Breathe cleaner, healthier air
  • Reduce the possibility of a home fire
  • Rid the home of the allergens
  • Eliminate musty odors
  • Reduce dust and dirt in your home

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